An (obvious?) note about BLOGs

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An (obvious?) note about BLOGs

Post by bekateen »

As you know, recently I've been blessed by a lot of pleco spawns since 05 December 2019 (here). Several of these were first time spawns for me, including multiple spawns of my Dekeyseria picta (L052).

I have... or at least I did have at one time... 11 specimens of Dekeyseria picta. They've spawned now. As I filled out my BLOG report, I initially reported 0M, 0F, and 11 unknown, since I didn't know the sexes of my fish...

BUT, I did know something, and it was that my fish just spawned. So obviously I have at least one male and one female. If so, why am I reporting 11 unknowns???

I say this to other members in the same situation. If you get a fish spawn, you must have at least one of each sex, in addition to any other specimens you have.

You can thank me later. :)) :)) :))

Cheers, Eric

P.S., I hope you found this as funny (and helpful) as I did when I realized what was going on. I could have knocked myself over with a brick. ;-)
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