Otocinclus attacking pepper cats

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Otocinclus attacking pepper cats

Post by French47 »

Is it unusual for Otocinclus to attack pepper Cory's or are they grazing on their scales. I have been watching mine and whatever the Oto's are doing the cats don't like it.It's as though they are being bitten.
What do you think?
Thank you

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Re: Otocinclus attacking pepper cats

Post by Richard B »

Otos have been known to feed on the body slime of other fishes. Once this has started the otos will continue to do so which is definately not good for the other fish. The otos will probably need to be removed and rehomed
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Re: Otocinclus attacking pepper cats

Post by corywink »

yep, my otos try to suck the body slime off my corys but only during feeding time. Fortunately the corys will shake them off so I'm not too worried. If the otos stay on for some time, you should remove them.

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Re: Otocinclus attacking pepper cats

Post by Scleropages »

b-) To help you deal with this menace to your aquarium inhabitants, I'd like to refer you to this thread: http://www.planetcatfish.com/forum/view ... =5&t=35922

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