Pseudacanthicus spinosus with smaller pleco

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Pseudacanthicus spinosus with smaller pleco

Post by DHarris » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:03 am

Went to one of my LFS that carries some exotic plecos to check out an L24.

Unfortunately the shop is closing and trying to get rid of everything. Almost all of their plecos were sold except for some interesting Ancistrus Macrophthalmus and a group of small sabajis, which I took. They did have a Pseudacanthicus spinosus that's probably ~8" and were willing to sell it to me for $60. VERY tempted to go back for it this weekend.

I currently have my plecos housed in a 150 gallon aquarium along with some geos, severums, medium sized tetras and some oddballs. I'd like to add this fish but have read that they're particularly aggressive. My largest pleco is a rhino that's probably 7" including tail. My only pseudacanthicus are an L114 that's 4.5"-5", l600 that's 3.5"-4" and a 273 that's 3".

Would I be asking for trouble by adding the l160 with smaller plecos or will it be OK? I've got a decent amount of wood and rocks and haven't seen any major aggression with any of my plecos ever.

I'd love to give this one a home but not if it'll be putting my current fish at risk.


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