C. Venezuelanus carrying 19 eggs??

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C. Venezuelanus carrying 19 eggs??

Post by Shazray » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:58 pm

Hi there,

Earlier this afternoon, as I threw some food into one of my cory tanks, I noticed a female C. venezuelanus carrying what looked like one egg, closely followed by a male--in usual cory fashion. Then I saw a group of eggs on the glass under the filter's flow.

So I waited a bit for them to eat and returned to try harvest the eggs before hungry mouths did it for me. I counted 27 eggs on the glass and saw a female dashing around clasping what appeared to be a yellow mass of eggs. It was so unusual as I never see cories clasping more than 2 at a time. She went up to the group of eggs I had just counted and proceeded to stick them on the glass. When she was done I counted the eggs again and they totaled 46! That means she was carrying 19 eggs in her fins!

Is this normal?

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Re: C. Venezuelanus carrying 19 eggs??

Post by Bwhiskered » Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:34 am

I have found that Corydoras venezuelanus has very small eggs for a cory of it's size. That may account for the fact that they can carry so many at one time.
Good fish are spawned and raised in Burlington.

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