Cories Digging In Sand

All posts regarding the care and breeding of these catfishes from South America.
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Cories Digging In Sand

Post by MissNoodle »

They're adorable when they dig through the sand

(Yes the one aeneus is missing an eye. Its a defect, microphthalmia. Harmless, but i picked her up to give her a good home since people may not like a one-eyed fish as it can look poorly on first glance)
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Re: Cories Digging In Sand

Post by bekateen »

Yes they are amazing diggers.

For future reference, when using the [you tube] [/youtube] tags, place only the unique identifier of your video (in your case, ByV9y_j2W_I) inside the tags, not the entire URL.

Thanks for sharing,
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