What age did you start?

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What age did you start?

Post by HappyFish »

Hi guys! Was wondering what age did you start your first catfish tank? :-b

fat meloe!
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Re: What age did you start?

Post by fat meloe! »

Does a tank with only one catfish (and plenty of non catfish) count as a catfish tank? :d

I started general fishkeeping from a very young age.

P.S. I'd probably say that such a tank certainly counts. Even feeding a common Pterygoplichthys is fun!

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Re: What age did you start?

Post by bekateen »

Approximately age 8 years old. Quickly started breeding convicts, Geophagus, mbuna, and Steatocranus casuarius. Stepped away at age 16 due to life, then resumed full blown at age 51. Now 55 (almost).

Cheers, bekateen
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Martin S
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Re: What age did you start?

Post by Martin S »

Around 10-11. Had a few years in my thirties without a tank, but have pretty much had one (or more) tanks for near on 40 years!

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Re: What age did you start?

Post by synolover »

I was 14 when I started keeping fish. Had some Corydoras pygmaeus

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Re: What age did you start?

Post by TwoTankAmin »

First tank at age 52.

First tank dedicated to catfish was at age 54 when I set up a 10 gal. to hold bn fry.

Today, at 69, I have 20 tanks. One is a filter only bio-farm. Six hold plants of which five are community tanks. One is a community tank featuring altum angels (with a couple of H. contradens :) ). 12 are dedicated to Hypancistrus breeding and growout.
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Re: What age did you start?

Post by kiwidu21 »

I was 11 years old. But it was a 7 gallons with a small Ameiurus melas. Then, at this moment, I have 4 tank and 18 species whose 8 species of catfish.

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Re: What age did you start?

Post by Bwhiskered »

I started keeping fish when I was 12. Now 65 years later and about 100 tanks and 5 ponds I'm still at it.
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Re: What age did you start?

Post by Jools »

Seven, fishing here aged 5 or 6, didn't get a tropical tank until about a year later, catfish went in very early on.


Bas Pels
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Re: What age did you start?

Post by Bas Pels »

10. My older brother got a small tank for his tenth birthday, he did not care about, but I was very jealous of it. So, fore my tenth birthday there was no discussion possible.
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