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Accurate info and multiple images of catfish species. We have 5,046 species, 19,969 images encompassing 61,073 populations in 6,554 registered aquaria. There's 1,798 breeding reports and 10,031 wishlists too. See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers.

Shane's World

A wide array of hundreds of informative catfish articles. There's something for everyone here, ranging from newbie essentials to specialist topics split across four sections - Species, Reproduction, Geography and 'Catfishology'. Dive in!

Catfish of the Month

CotMThis month's featured species is Lasiancistrus heteracanthus. Are you looking for in-depth on a particular species? Then check out the vast CotM Archives.

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Notes on L280 by Erwin Schraml. The initially questionable introduction of a new L Number.

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Book Reviews

Read curated catfish book reviews and other fishkeeping Book Reviews, written by aquarists for aquarists. Recent updates:
Apr 27 Banjos, Dorads and Woodcats Aspredinidae, Doradadidae and Auchenipteridae Catfishes by Nathan Hill
Apr 18 Pims Pimelodidae, Heptapteridae and Pseudopimelodidae Catfishes by Nathan Hill

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