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Accurate info and multiple images of catfish species. We have 5,085 species, 20,051 images encompassing 61,162 populations in 6,560 registered aquaria. There's 1,802 breeding reports and 10,059 wishlists too. See also the catfish on stamps, habitat, underwater, video collections and all C, CW, L & LDA numbers.

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A wide array of hundreds of informative catfish articles. There's something for everyone here, ranging from newbie essentials to specialist topics split across four sections - Species, Reproduction, Geography and 'Catfishology'. Dive in!

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CotMThis month's featured species is Lasiancistrus heteracanthus. Are you looking for in-depth on a particular species? Then check out the vast CotM Archives.

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From the article Aquascaping for Hypancistrus zebraAquascaping for Hypancistrus zebra Pt 1, The Perfectionist by Håvard Støre Andresen. A brief and inspirational look at really hardcore aquaria design for the the zebra pleco.

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