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Aquarium Atlas, Photo Index 1-5

Title Aquarium Atlas, Photo Index 1-5
Author & (Publisher) Hans A. Baensch & Dr. Gero W. Fischer (Mergus, 1998)
Price £24.99
Subject Matter All freshwater aquarium fish
Edition 1st, English

Stunning. I have never seen so may fish photographs in one book, although information on each species pictured is limited to a few symbols and words, these are functional and in most cases all that is required. Words however are not this books main purpose easy access to visual information is.

For the catfish keeper : 146 catfish pages with usually six photograph thumbnails per page, that's approximately 846 pictures. I didn't count them but I think it's fair to say that's over 500 species all with excellent photographs. Many rare and unidentified or described species appear alongside aquarium mainstays. This is applicable to all types of freshwater fish which are featured in equal volume.

This book is one big index for the other 5 volumes, but what an index! About 1/3 of the whole book is a common, current and old scientific name index covering all fives volumes and the photo index itself. Now that's useful!

I love this book.

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