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A collection of articles by various authors on the catfish of different regions of the world. Features Shane's Venezuela Diary. Most recently added articles:

In Search of Corydoras boesemani by Ingo Seidel (uploaded June 28, 2010)
A first trip to unfamiliar Surinam provides the author with the opportunity to document the habitat and aquarium care and breeding of this pretty species.

In search of Corydoras carlae by Hans-Georg Evers (uploaded April 02, 2010)
Collecting trips to Argentina are uncommon at least in relation to several other South American countries. This article details the search by a multinational group of aquarists for an even more uncommon Cory.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 2 • Uganda's Papyrus Swamps by Shane Linder (uploaded January 25, 2010)
In which our intrepid correspondent checks out this new, and quintessentially African, central African biotope.

Uganda Diaries
Pt 1 • Lake Nabugabo by Shane Linder (uploaded September 28, 2009)
An initial foray into Ugandan waters turns up a familiar face.

My First Collecting Trip by Amanda Parker (uploaded December 28, 2008)
A personal account of a first time at the riverbank.

Exploring West Bengal for aquarium fishes by Antti Vuorela (uploaded April 14, 2007)
India is a remarkable country, equally remarkable are its aquarium fishes. Specifically catfishes are detailed by our intrepid correspondents in this report from but a corner of this vast country.