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General articles from authors who just want to write about catfish in the aquarium and the wild. The 'Catfish Basics' series is especially useful for the aquarist new to the catfish hobby. Most recently added articles:

Index of Catfish Study Group Journals by Julian Dignall (uploaded February 26, 2018)
The Catfish Study Group has been publishing its Journal since the start of the millennium. This is an index of all articles in which there can be found many hidden gems.

List of original C-numbers by Julian Dignall (uploaded June 21, 2015)
A list of links to PDF format documents of all C-numbers as hosted on the DATZ magazine website.

List of original l-numbers by Julian Dignall (uploaded May 16, 2014)
A list of links to PDF format documents of all L-numbers as hosted on the DATZ magazine website.

Corydoras 101 by Julian Dignall (uploaded April 09, 2013)
Some common <em>Corydoras</em> to consider as good starter species for anyone interested in starting out with these evergreen, omnipresent and hugely popular catfish.

L's Belles - Loricariid Analysis by Mats Petersson (uploaded July 15, 2010)
Graphical analysis of the introduction rate of l-number plecos from inception to mid 2010.

Feeding Plecos
Pt 2 • Who eats what? by Mats Petersson (uploaded January 29, 2010)
Overview of techniques used in observing what your pleco eats and information on the diets of various groups.