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Articles on individual and groups of species with notes from the aquarists that have kept them. Most recently added articles:

An English translation of the description of Corydoras julii by Daniel Konn-Vetterlein (uploaded September 03, 2020)
Corydoras julii is one of the most commonly misused names in the catfish realm. This translation provides a short description translated from the original German to English.

The L236 Story
Pt 3 • The successful raising of L236 by Ernst Schmidt (uploaded July 30, 2013)
In which the author describes raising the youngsters of this pretty l-number.

The L236 Story
Pt 2 • First captive spawning by Robert Budrovcan (uploaded July 23, 2013)
Translated from the original German article which explains how the first breeding success took place and how the fishes become white.

The Pleco Egg Collectors of Florida by Ingo Seidel (uploaded April 09, 2013)
An interesting account of the collection and cultivation of <em>Pterygoplichthys</em> within the fish trade from exotic wild populations in the American state of Florida.

Partial translation of Kner's "Die Hypostomiden. Zweite Hauptgruppe der Familie der Panzerfische" by Sandor Tüllmann (uploaded June 10, 2012)
This translation from the original 1854 German text by Prof. Dr. R. Kner focusses on the descriptions of three species of flounder pleco from Brazil's Rio Negro.

Visually comparing Synodontis petricola & S. lucipinnis by Birger Kamprath (uploaded September 19, 2009)
An in-depth look at telling this two species apart using only techniques applicable to live fish.