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Articles on the reproduction of individual species with details from the aquarists that have kept them. Most recently added articles:

Wild caught or captive bred? by Eric Thomas (uploaded October 14, 2018)
The author provides advice for buying new fish you plan to breed and examines how to manage your spawns.

Spawning Erethistes jerdoni by Adrian Taylor (uploaded October 27, 2016)
Keeping small fishes can be hard, spawning them and raising the fry is no mean feat.

Breeding the banjo catfish, Bunocephalus coracoideus by Eric Thomas (uploaded June 15, 2016)
Aquarium spawning of this species is not documented in the modern era. Now it is.

Breeding Chaca by Klaus Dreymann (uploaded February 13, 2016)
A full spawning account including raising the fry and thoughts on behaviour of the adults of this highly unusual species.

Breeding the Porthole Catfish by Torill Nordeide Berge (uploaded January 19, 2015)
A rare account of the repeated spawning of this medium sized armoured catfish.

Can Ancistrus hybridise? by Sandor Tüllmann (uploaded May 14, 2014)
The topic of potential hybridization within the genus Ancistrus is frequently and hotly debated on the internet, but only rarely seriously discussed. The author sets out to settle the debate once and for all.