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General articles about the site, projects, associated lore and reference.

About PlanetCatfish by Julian Dignall
Where did all this come from? I explain...

About The Author by Julian Dignall
Do you know how hard it is to write about yourself?

All about RSS Feeds by Julian Dignall
Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about this very useful format of getting the latest from the site.

Ask the Experts by Julian Dignall
We have assembled a group of experts to respond to unanswered tricky topics in the forum. Meet them here.

Basic Catfish Anatomy by Julian Dignall
A visual "hover over" aide showing the part of the fish that a commonly used term refers to.

Catfish FAQ by Julian Dignall
A collection of recurring themes mostly from forum posts but all to do with some aspect of catfish.

Cite Us by Julian Dignall
Information on how to cite the site! has appeared in a few journals and we hope you can use this to quickly copy the text to do the same.

Contribute! by Julian Dignall
Details on how you can help out by donating cash, guidelines on sending images and submitting articles etc.

Dedications, Credits and Thanks by Julian Dignall
This site didn't get here without a vast array of helpers. Here we pick out the big hitters to say a heartfelt thanks.

Glossary by Amanda Parker
What exactly does LFS stand for? What, in the world, is a caudal peduncle? Help is here for those of you foxed by words used on this site that are not more commonly seen.

Hall of Fame by Julian Dignall
Planet Catfish needs money to keep it running and we openly ask for cash donations towards these costs. Herein documents those good people who have donated.

Introduction to Classification by Julian Dignall
Also linked to from the Cat-eLog, this is a table laid out overview of how we classify living organisms and where catfishes fit in the grand scheme of things.

Meet The Makers by Julian Dignall
Introducing yours truly and other catfish folks from the early days of the site.

PlanetCatfish Banners by Julian Dignall
If you have a well-maintained website and want to add a link to then please download and use any of these graphics to link to us.

PlanetCatfish Reviews by Julian Dignall
What the papers say! Read several reviews of this site from the fishkeeping press.

Privacy Policy by Julian Dignall
We take your privacy seriously. Here is how.

Site Map by Julian Dignall
A hierarchical view of the sites main sections and sub sections.

Terms & Conditions by Julian Dignall
Terms and conditions for use of this website.

The PlanetXingu Project
Pt 1 • An Introduction to the project by Julian Dignall and its supporters want to raise cash to fund scientific research into the biodiversity of this region before its too late. The aim is to record the biotope and biodiversity before the river is permanently changed by man's activities. This may be a matter of months, not years. We may not know what we have lost if this research isn't carried out. The last remaining specimens may end up being those in captivity, so we want to find out as much about them in the wild as possible before it's too late. The clock is ticking, please help.

The PlanetXingu Project
Pt 2 • Who is Mark Henry Sabaj Pérez? by Mark Sabaj Pérez
So, I've set the scene, who are the players in this venture? First up, meet Dr. Sabaj Pérez and learn what motivates him to study fishes.

The PlanetXingu Project
Pt 3 • Project FAQs by Julian Dignall
Some commonly posed questions about the project and answers to same.

The PlanetXingu Project
Pt 4 • Who is Nathan Lujan? by Nathan Lujan
A second introductory article this time highlighting the background, drivers and aspirations for the Planet Xingu project of Dr. Nathan K. Lujan.

The PlanetXingu Project
Pt 5 • We did it by Julian Dignall
The wonderful news that the full amount of the project has been raised through charitable donations. Happy days!

The PlanetXingu project
Pt 6 • What we did by Mark Sabaj Pérez
An update on what the monies raised are being spent and other activity in 2014.

Trophy Cabinet by Julian Dignall
It was something of a "web 1.0" phenomenon, but in the old days, sites used to send each other awards and such like. Here are ours.


Abandon hope of finding anything serious in here!

Buying from Amazon? by Julian Dignall
If you're buying from or, please use these links and we will get some hosting cash! It costs you nothing and really helps us.

Catfish related links by Julian Dignall
The obligatory links page containing links to other catfish related sites.

Fantasy Catfish League by Julian Dignall
A purely fictional selection from every catfish fans "wish-list".

My Top 10 Cats by Julian Dignall
The world loves lists, here are my top then favourites species of catfish. I reserve the right to change this at any time!

The End Is Nigh by Julian Dignall
Alarming new evidence linking the end of the world with the proliferation of the so-called "L-numbers".

The PlanetCatfish Touch Pools by Julian Dignall
A long time favourite. Visit the renowned Planet Catfish Touch Pools for your online relaxation requirements; we've now built them for many, many different species.

Twas the Night Before Christmas... by Tana Clarke
..and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a catfish.