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Jurassic Fishes

Title Jurassic Fishes
Author & (Publisher) Haruto Kodera & Others (TFH Publications, 1994)
Price £14.95
Subject Matter Evolutionarily primitive freshwater fishes
Edition 1st, English

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

First and foremost this book hasn't got any catfish in it. Why then is it featured here? You must first ask yourself what makes catfish attractive to you? The answer will be different amongst different aquarists, but I'll bet its also entirely applicable to this group of fish. Applicable from the majestic arowana species of the world to South American sting rays, right down to the freshwater butterflyfish and elephant noses more commonly offered for sale.

Much of the information here is also useful to the catfish fanatic in providing suitable "alternative" tankmates for their pride and joy. The life-support systems and feeding regimes required to maintain many of these animals are also required by many specialist catfish. Translated from the original Japanese "Ancient Fishes" and added to both in terms of text and image, this is a beautiful "coffee table" book. Again obtrusive product placement rears its ugly head, but this can be overlooked in light of the relatively low price tag.

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