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Title Welse
Author & (Publisher) Dieter Vogt (Kernen Verlag, 1962)
Price £2.00
Subject Matter Catfishes
Edition 1st-4th, German

Article © Walter Lechner, uploaded April 06, 2007.

This small book provides an insight into aquarium catfish keeping of the sixties, when catfish were considered as janitors and waste disposal units. Forty species are presented in the elder editions, mainly Corydoras, but also more specialist ones like Electric Catfishes, the then Leiocassis, Clarias or Heteropneustes fossilis.

"Welse" from Dieter Vogt probably is the first published catfish book for aquarists. So its really worth buying for collectors and catfish enthusiasts with a nostalgic bone — however availability os sporadic - you'll need to scour second hand book shops or elsewhere.

The original, red, cover from the sixties is shown above, to the right is a more modern cover from the 1984 edition (4th). Click on either for a full size image.

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