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Nature Aquarium World

Title Nature Aquarium World
Author & (Publisher) Takashi Amano (TFH Publications, 1994)
Price £21.95
Subject Matter Planted freshwater aquaria
Edition 1st, English

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

A beautiful book; this is one for the coffee table. It pictures the aquatic creations of the author in his quest to combine the randomness of nature and human control within the confines of glass walls. The book features many different heavily planted aquaria and although the emphasis is on plants and their care, the aquaria feature a wide array of fish from around the world. The author uses Otocinclus catfish and shrimp in nearly all of his creations to assist in algae control without damaging the plants.

There is no information on keeping fish, rather plenty of fresh layout ideas and plant husbandry information. If you can overlook the sadly blatant product placement, this book should provide inspiration by the 5 gallon bucketful for those setting up display aquaria.

There are now three volumes in the series, following the links below give you more info. on these.

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