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North American Native Fishes For The Home Aquarium

Title North American Native Fishes For The Home Aquarium
Author & (Publisher) Dr David M. Schleser (Barron's, 1998)
Price £12.95
Subject Matter As title
Edition 1st, English

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

There is more between this books covers than you might initially think given its title. Clocking in at 169 pages and around 120 decent if not spectacular colour photographs are augmented with many more diagrams and line drawings. This is a medium sized book striking a good balance between information and imagery.

The book is well structured and takes the reader from aquarium basics like aquarium set-up and equipment selection right through to advanced topics like reproduction and disease / parasite control. All topics are dealt with knowledgable and usually with a native slant.

Over 80 species are covered (including the catfish genera Ameiurus and Notorus) giving information on husbandry and reproduction where such knowledge exists. Range information is given at a species level although many fish a treated at a generic level. All the usual aquarium husbandry topics are present.

The books best part is also makes it slightly different from the average "setting up your aquarium" books and these are the strong environmental overtones and the explanation of various collection techniques. Handy not just in North America but generally to anyone interested in freshwater fish collection.

A good book for US residents and those interested in collecting their own fish no matter where they live.

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