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Title Catfishes
Author & (Publisher) Drs CW Emmens & Herbert R Axelrod (TFH Publications, 1978)
Price £4.99
Subject Matter As titled
Edition 3rd, English

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

More of a collectors item this. I included it because it features a few species time forgot (Mystus leucophasis - the all-black Asian upside down bagrid for starters and a currently "L" numbered Loricariid or two). As is often the case, Corydoras cats are given too much coverage bearing in mind it is a general all catfish book. The taxonomy is way out of date (Remember Pimelodella picta) and the pictures look their age. Despite all this it is however a charmingly nostalgic and worthwhile read for the catfish connoisseur.

This, the 3rd edition, was first published in 1968 with a different cover picture and title ("Catfish" is reviewed elsewhere). Both have identical content.

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