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Das Große Buch Der Welse

Title Das Große Buch Der Welse
Author & (Publisher) Claus Schaefer (Bede Verlag, 1996)
Price £35.00
Subject Matter All catfish
Edition 1st, German

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

As you may have guessed from the title, this is a German book. Das Große Buch Der Welse translate into English as The Big Book of Catfish. So to most of the worlds catfish keepers this book's text is inaccesible in terms of new information. You notice while browsing through that the pictures (and indeed the feel of the book) is very similar to TFH's "World of Catfishes" offering. As to the similarity or indeed overall quality of the text I cannot vouch for as I do not have the benefit of understaning German language.

So, if you or I can't speak German, why spend the money or bother reviewing it? Well, at the back of this book is an "L-number register" which shows all L-numbers up to L235. More importantly these are much more accurately labelled than in (the original) Aqualog's "All L numbers" book. If you don't speak German, already have the World of Catfishes book or aren't interested in L numbers then this book isn't really for you.

That said, if you can speak German or you want to get your L-numbers right then this book is for you. The biggest downside is the price which does seem quite high.

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