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The Catfish

Title The Catfish
Author & (Publisher) Gian Padovani (FAMA, 1988)
Price £5.00
Subject Matter All Catfish
Edition 1st, English

This is a small book consisting of around 80 pages. It struck me as being akin to an introductory talk to the world of catfishes. All the usual chapters are present, but there are a few extras for those willing to look. The information is general and very high level but nonetheless accurate and certainly readable. Given the date of publication the reader must forgive the very out-of-date scientific names used.

As I mentioned there are a few treats in this text which are worth seeking out. The chapters on Corydoras (surprise, surprise) and showing / photographing catfishes are worth the entrance fee alone. The authors drawings liberally adorn the pages, some aren't particularly accurate, others are excellent likenesses. To augment the drawings there are also 9 good black and white photographs.

The author is so steeped in catfish lore that any catfish fan will develop an almost immediate empathy while reading and I must admit to thoroughly enjoying reading "The Catfish".

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