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Aquaguide: Catfish

Title Aquaguide: Catfish
Author & (Publisher) Schmidt, Dr. Jürgen (Interpet Publishing, 2003)
Price £7.99
Subject Matter All aquarium catfishes
Edition 1st, English

My first impression of this book is that it resembles one of several catfish books by David Sands, and further reading reinforces this perception. The book is of most interest to the budding catfish enthusiast, as most of the information presented there is good, but on the basic side. Profusely illustrated with excellent color photos, the book does suffer from misidentifications (as with most general catfish books of this nature). A picture of Mystus montanus is labeled as "A Rhamdia laticauda from Honduras", for instance. I also found the English to be somewhat stilted at times (bearing in mind that this book was translated from German).

With beautiful photographs, and a solid but basic text, the advanced catfish fanatic will have to look elsewhere for new information, or (like me), buy the book to complete his/her catfish library.

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