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Title Catfish
Author & (Publisher) Drs CW Emmens & Herbert R Axelrod (TFH Publications, 1968)
Price £4.99
Subject Matter As titled
Edition 1st, English

More of a collectors item this. I included it because it features a few species time forgot (Mystus leucophasis - the all-black Asian upside down bagrid for starters and a currently "L" numbered Loricariid or two). As is often the case, Corydoras cats are given too much coverage bearing in mind it is a general all catfish book. The taxonomy is way out of date (Remember Pimelodella picta) and the pictures look their age. Despite all this it is however a charmingly nostalgic and worthwhile read for the catfish connoisseur.

This, the 1st edition, is probably the first catfish book ever published in English for Aquarists. It later changed cover picture and title and the 3rd edition (entitled "Catfishes") is reviewed elsewhere. Both have identical content.

As an interesting aside, the first catfish book in any language appears to be German book "Welse" ("Kleine Datz Bücher Nr. 16"), authored by Dieter Vogt, Alfred Kernen Verlag. The first edition was published in 1962.

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