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The Interpet Manual Of Tank Busters

Title The Interpet Manual Of Tank Busters
Author & (Publisher) Gina Sandford and Richard Crow (Salamander Books, 1991)
Price £14.95
Subject Matter Large or aggressive aquarium fish
Edition 1st, English

For every large fish or "Tankbuster" kept adequately in aquaria, there are many languishing in cramped quarters, initially you may question the merit in promoting these animals as pets in the home. Ultimately people are going to attempt keeping these animals and therefore a book such as this is a valuable addition to the aquatic library because it highlights the pitfalls of and requirements for keeping such fish.

A specialist book then with a suitably specialised general care and maintenance section, it features 16 catfish in greater than average detail. Essential for anyone getting into catfish larger than around 12" full grown regardless of whether their intended catfish is featured or not because of the very informative systems and background information.

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