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Aquarium Atlas, Vol. 3

Title Aquarium Atlas, Vol. 3
Author & (Publisher) Dr Rudiger Riehl & Hans A. Baensh (Mergus, 1996)
Price £29.99
Subject Matter All freshwater aquarium fish
Edition 1st, English

Article © Julian Dignall, uploaded January 01, 2002.

Volume 3 is the latest book available in English, essentially it is the same format as book 2 with different species, the actual "rareness" or availability to the hobbyist of these species is more or less the same as the second book with the notable addition of many Eastern European and Oriental fishes that are only just beginning to become available.

Catfish are again well represented with an array of Corydoras and Synodontis in particular. Again, the species information is clear, concise and comes with a colour photo. In summary of the series, you buy the first and want the second, get the second and wonder about the third. Upon getting the third the English speaking amongst us contemplate learning German in order to access the 4th and 5th volumes which are only (as yet) available in this, the Reviewers native tongue.

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