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Artistic impression of typical member of the Malapteruridae
Down Family Overview
Pronounced Mahl lap teh RHUR Iday
Features Long, sausage-like body unique amongst catfish in that it lacks a dorsal fin. Fleshy mouth. These catfish are able to emit electric shocks hence their common name.
Distribution Africa
Common Names Electric Catfish
Size Smallest 119mm, largest 1220mm, average 394mm, most commonly 215mm. All SL.
Species There are 20 "species" in 2 genera in the database
Keepers 5 species (25%) are being kept by registered keepers
Down Subfamilies in Malapteruridae (by species)
1. 20 species (100%)
Down Top Five Genera (by keepers)
1. Malapterurus 17 species (40 keepers)
2. Paradoxoglanis 3 species (1 keepers)
Down Distribution of Malapteruridae

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Down Most Kept Species
1. Malapterurus electricus (75.61%)
2. Malapterurus microstoma (14.63%)
3. Malapterurus barbatus (4.88%)
4. Paradoxoglanis parvus (2.44%)
5. Malapterurus beninensis (2.44%)
Down Alphabetic Species List
(Chronological | Most Kept | Most Bred)
1. Malapterurus barbatus (i:3, k:2, b:0)
2. Malapterurus beninensis (i:4, k:1, b:0)
3. Malapterurus cavalliensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
4. Malapterurus electricus (i:17, k:31, b:0)
5. Malapterurus leonensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
6. Malapterurus macrochir (i:1, k:0, b:0)
7. Malapterurus melanochir (i:0, k:0, b:0)
8. Malapterurus microstoma (i:8, k:6, b:0)
9. Malapterurus minjiriya (i:1, k:0, b:0)
10. Malapterurus monsembeensis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
11. Malapterurus occidentalis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
12. Malapterurus oguensis (i:3, k:0, b:0)
13. Malapterurus punctatus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
14. Malapterurus shirensis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
15. Malapterurus tanganyikaensis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
16. Malapterurus tanoensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
17. Malapterurus teugelsi (i:2, k:0, b:0)
18. Paradoxoglanis caudivittatus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
19. Paradoxoglanis cryptus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
20. Paradoxoglanis parvus (i:0, k:1, b:0)