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1.Astroblepus ardiladuartei(i:0, k:0)
2.Astroblepus bellezaensis(i:0, k:0)
3.Astroblepus boulengeri(i:3, k:0)
4.Astroblepus brachycephalus(i:3, k:0)
5.Astroblepus caquetae(i:3, k:0)
6.Astroblepus chotae(i:3, k:0)
7.Astroblepus cirratus(i:3, k:0)
8.Astroblepus cyclopus(i:0, k:0)
9.Astroblepus eigenmanni(i:3, k:0)
10.Astroblepus festae(i:3, k:0)
11.Astroblepus fissidens(i:3, k:0)
12.Astroblepus grixalvii(i:11, k:2)
13.Astroblepus guentheri(i:3, k:0)
14.Astroblepus heterodon(i:3, k:0)
15.Astroblepus homodon(i:3, k:0)
16.Astroblepus mancoi(i:8, k:1)
17.Astroblepus mariae(i:0, k:0)
18.Astroblepus marmoratus(i:3, k:0)
19.Astroblepus mojicai(i:0, k:0)
20.Astroblepus nettoferreirai(i:0, k:0)
21.Astroblepus orientalis(i:3, k:0)
22.Astroblepus pholeter(i:2, k:0)
23.Astroblepus putumayoensis(i:0, k:0)
24.Astroblepus retropinnus(i:3, k:0)
25.Astroblepus sabalo(i:3, k:0)
26.Astroblepus simonsii(i:3, k:0)
27.Astroblepus sp. (1)(i:3, k:0)
28.Astroblepus sp. (2)(i:1, k:0)
29.Astroblepus sp. (3)(i:1, k:0)
30.Astroblepus supramollis(i:0, k:1)
31.Astroblepus taczanowskii(i:3, k:1)
32.Astroblepus vaillanti(i:3, k:0)
33.Astroblepus ventralis(i:0, k:0)
34.Astroblepus whymperi(i:3, k:0)
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Family Common NameCatfishes
DistributionAndean hillstreams, South America
Common NamesAndean Catfish, Hillstream Catfish.
SizeSmallest 30mm, largest 300mm, average 93mm, most commonly 80mm. All SL.
SpeciesThere are 34 species in 1 genus in the database
Keepers4 species (11%) are being kept by registered keepers
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1.Astroblepus (5 keepers)
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1. Astroblepus grixalvii (40%)
2. Astroblepus taczanowskii (20%)
3. Astroblepus supramollis (20%)
4. Astroblepus mancoi (20%)