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Common member of the family anchariidae
Down Family Overview
Etymology From the Greek prefix anchi-, meaning near, and arius, a genus of marine catfishes, after its similarity to Aridae
Distribution Madagascar
Size Smallest 171mm, largest 300mm, average 226mm, most commonly 300mm. All SL.
Species There are 6 "species" in 2 genera in the database
Down Subfamilies in Anchariidae (by species)
1. 6 species (100%)
Down Top Five Genera (by keepers)
1. Ancharius 2 species (0 keepers)
2. Gogo 4 species (0 keepers)
Down Distribution of Anchariidae

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Down Alphabetic Species List
(Chronological | Most Kept | Most Bred)
1. Ancharius fuscus (i:2, k:0, b:0)
2. Ancharius griseus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
3. Gogo arcuatus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
4. Gogo atratus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
5. Gogo brevibarbis (i:4, k:0, b:0)
6. Gogo ornatus (i:5, k:0, b:0)