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Common member of the family Horabagridae
Down Family Overview
Pronounced hoe rah bag ri day
Distribution Asia
Common Names Sun Catfish
Size Smallest 67mm, largest 900mm, average 253mm, most commonly 150mm. All SL.
Species There are 9 "species" in 3 genera in the database
Keepers 6 species (66%) are being kept by registered keepers
Down Top Five Genera (by keepers)
1.Horabagrus 2 species(104 keepers)
2.Pseudeutropius 4 species(10 keepers)
3.Pachypterus 3 species(2 keepers)
Down Distribution of Horabagridae

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Down Most Kept Species
1. Horabagrus brachysoma(88.79%)
2. Pseudeutropius brachypopterus(4.31%)
3. Pseudeutropius moolenburghae(3.45%)
4. Pachypterus atherinoides(1.72%)
5. Pseudeutropius mitchelli(0.86%)
6. Horabagrus nigricollaris(0.86%)
Down Alphabetic Species List
(Chronological | Most Kept | Most Bred)
1.Horabagrus brachysoma(i:17, k:103, b:0)
2.Horabagrus nigricollaris(i:16, k:1, b:0)
3.Pachypterus acutirostris(i:1, k:0, b:0)
4.Pachypterus atherinoides(i:8, k:2, b:0)
5.Pachypterus khavalchor(i:4, k:0, b:0)
6.Pseudeutropius brachypopterus(i:8, k:5, b:0)
7.Pseudeutropius indigens(i:5, k:0, b:0)
8.Pseudeutropius mitchelli(i:6, k:1, b:0)
9.Pseudeutropius moolenburghae(i:6, k:4, b:0)