Down Subfamily Overview

Synodontis nigriventrisSynodontis nigriventris, a member of the subfamily Mochokinae

Size Range Smallest 27mm, largest 800mm, average 222mm, most commonly 500mm. All SL.
Species There are 176 species in 5 genera in the database.
Keepers 99 species (56%) are being kept by registered keepers.
Breeders 10 species ( 5%) are being bred.
Down Top Five Genera (by keepers)
1. Synodontis 159 species (2335 keepers)
2. Microsynodontis 13 species (85 keepers)
3. Mochokiella 1 species (25 keepers)
4. Acanthocleithron 1 species (0 keepers)
5. Mochokus 2 species (0 keepers)
Down Distribution of Mochokinae

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Down Most Kept Species
1. Synodontis eupterus (14.72%)
2. Synodontis nigriventris (8.02%)
3. Synodontis multipunctatus (7.77%)
4. Synodontis petricola (7.24%)
5. Synodontis lucipinnis (6.67%)
6. Synodontis decorus (4.58%)
7. Synodontis angelicus (4.25%)
8. Synodontis ocellifer (3.03%)
9. Synodontis nigrita (2.9%)
10. Synodontis schoutedeni (2.54%)
11. Synodontis flavitaeniatus (2.49%)
12. Synodontis brichardi (2.17%)
13. Synodontis granulosus (1.55%)
14. Synodontis polli (1.31%)
15. Synodontis alberti (1.31%)
16. Synodontis notatus (1.27%)
17. Synodontis njassae (1.23%)
18. Microsynodontis sp. (1) (1.23%)
19. Microsynodontis batesii (1.19%)
20. Mochokiella paynei (1.02%)
21. Synodontis sp. hybrid(5) (0.98%)
22. Microsynodontis polli (0.98%)
23. Synodontis pardalis (0.9%)
24. Synodontis soloni (0.86%)
25. Synodontis pleurops (0.82%)
Down Alphabetic Species List
(Chronological | Most Kept | Most Bred)
1. Acanthocleithron chapini (i:2, k:0, b:0)
2. Microsynodontis armatus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
3. Microsynodontis batesii (i:5, k:29, b:0)
4. Microsynodontis christyi (i:2, k:2, b:0)
5. Microsynodontis emarginatus (i:2, k:0, b:0)
6. Microsynodontis hirsutus (i:2, k:0, b:0)
7. Microsynodontis laevigatus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
8. Microsynodontis lamberti (i:1, k:0, b:0)
9. Microsynodontis nannoculus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
10. Microsynodontis nasutus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
11. Microsynodontis notatus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
12. Microsynodontis polli (i:15, k:24, b:0)
13. Microsynodontis sp. (1) (i:16, k:30, b:1)
14. Microsynodontis vigilis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
15. Mochokiella paynei (i:16, k:25, b:0)
16. Mochokus brevis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
17. Mochokus niloticus (i:4, k:0, b:0)
18. Synodontis abditus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
19. Synodontis acanthomias (i:13, k:11, b:0)
20. Synodontis acanthoperca (i:3, k:0, b:0)
21. Synodontis aff. multipunctatus (i:1, k:6, b:0)
22. Synodontis afrofischeri (i:14, k:4, b:0)
23. Synodontis alberti (i:13, k:32, b:0)
24. Synodontis albolineatus (i:4, k:2, b:0)
25. Synodontis angelicus (i:25, k:104, b:0)
26. Synodontis annectens (i:6, k:0, b:0)
27. Synodontis ansorgii (i:12, k:9, b:0)
28. Synodontis arnoulti (i:4, k:0, b:0)
29. Synodontis aterrimus (i:7, k:18, b:0)
30. Synodontis bastiani (i:8, k:3, b:0)
31. Synodontis batensoda (i:13, k:20, b:0)
32. Synodontis batesii (i:13, k:8, b:0)
33. Synodontis brichardi (i:14, k:53, b:0)
34. Synodontis budgetti (i:5, k:5, b:0)
35. Synodontis camelopardalis (i:5, k:5, b:0)
36. Synodontis carineae (i:0, k:0, b:0)
37. Synodontis caudalis (i:10, k:3, b:0)
38. Synodontis caudovittatus (i:5, k:1, b:0)
39. Synodontis centralis (i:3, k:0, b:0)
40. Synodontis cf. multimaculatus (i:1, k:2, b:0)
41. Synodontis cf. petricola (i:2, k:16, b:0)
42. Synodontis cf. polli(1) (i:7, k:4, b:1)
43. Synodontis cf. polli(2) (i:1, k:2, b:0)
44. Synodontis clarias (i:10, k:14, b:0)
45. Synodontis comoensis (i:2, k:6, b:0)
46. Synodontis congicus (i:11, k:8, b:0)
47. Synodontis contractus (i:9, k:19, b:1)
48. Synodontis courteti (i:6, k:1, b:0)
49. Synodontis cuangoanus (i:6, k:2, b:0)
50. Synodontis decorus (i:12, k:112, b:0)
51. Synodontis dekimpei (i:1, k:0, b:0)
52. Synodontis denticulatus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
53. Synodontis depauwi (i:4, k:0, b:0)
54. Synodontis dhonti (i:3, k:4, b:0)
55. Synodontis dorsomaculatus (i:6, k:1, b:0)
56. Synodontis eupterus (i:22, k:360, b:1)
57. Synodontis filamentosus (i:9, k:7, b:0)
58. Synodontis flavitaeniatus (i:14, k:61, b:0)
59. Synodontis frontosus (i:4, k:11, b:0)
60. Synodontis fuelleborni (i:6, k:0, b:0)
61. Synodontis geledensis (i:4, k:0, b:0)
62. Synodontis gobroni (i:4, k:0, b:0)
63. Synodontis grandiops (i:10, k:18, b:0)
64. Synodontis granulosus (i:16, k:38, b:0)
65. Synodontis greshoffi (i:12, k:13, b:0)
66. Synodontis guttatus (i:2, k:0, b:0)
67. Synodontis haugi (i:6, k:0, b:0)
68. Synodontis ilebrevis (i:4, k:4, b:0)
69. Synodontis irsacae (i:24, k:3, b:0)
70. Synodontis iturii (i:3, k:0, b:0)
71. Synodontis katangae (i:3, k:1, b:0)
72. Synodontis khartoumensis (i:3, k:0, b:0)
73. Synodontis koensis (i:3, k:5, b:0)
74. Synodontis kogonensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
75. Synodontis laessoei (i:6, k:0, b:0)
76. Synodontis leopardinus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
77. Synodontis leopardus (i:0, k:0, b:0)
78. Synodontis levequei (i:1, k:0, b:0)
79. Synodontis longirostris (i:13, k:13, b:0)
80. Synodontis longispinis (i:3, k:0, b:0)
81. Synodontis lucipinnis (i:23, k:163, b:6)
82. Synodontis lufirae (i:6, k:3, b:0)
83. Synodontis macrophthalmus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
84. Synodontis macrops (i:8, k:1, b:0)
85. Synodontis macropunctatus (i:2, k:0, b:0)
86. Synodontis macrostigma (i:5, k:0, b:0)
87. Synodontis macrostoma (i:3, k:0, b:0)
88. Synodontis manni (i:0, k:0, b:0)
89. Synodontis marmoratus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
90. Synodontis matthesi (i:6, k:0, b:0)
91. Synodontis melanopterus (i:6, k:0, b:0)
92. Synodontis melanostictus (i:8, k:0, b:0)
93. Synodontis membranaceus (i:16, k:20, b:0)
94. Synodontis multimaculatus (i:5, k:5, b:0)
95. Synodontis multipunctatus (i:24, k:190, b:5)
96. Synodontis nebulosus (i:5, k:0, b:0)
97. Synodontis ngouniensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
98. Synodontis nigrita (i:13, k:71, b:0)
99. Synodontis nigriventris (i:26, k:196, b:1)
100. Synodontis nigromaculatus (i:7, k:6, b:0)
101. Synodontis njassae (i:13, k:30, b:0)
102. Synodontis notatus (i:14, k:31, b:0)
103. Synodontis nummifer (i:7, k:7, b:0)
104. Synodontis obesus (i:8, k:1, b:0)
105. Synodontis ocellifer (i:11, k:74, b:0)
106. Synodontis omias (i:1, k:0, b:0)
107. Synodontis orientalis (i:10, k:1, b:0)
108. Synodontis ornatipinnis (i:9, k:20, b:0)
109. Synodontis ornatissimus (i:4, k:0, b:0)
110. Synodontis ouemeensis (i:5, k:1, b:0)
111. Synodontis pardalis (i:15, k:22, b:0)
112. Synodontis petricola (i:20, k:177, b:5)
113. Synodontis pleurops (i:12, k:20, b:0)
114. Synodontis polli (i:18, k:32, b:1)
115. Synodontis polyodon (i:2, k:0, b:0)
116. Synodontis polystigma (i:3, k:0, b:0)
117. Synodontis pulcher (i:3, k:0, b:0)
118. Synodontis punctifer (i:7, k:2, b:0)
119. Synodontis punctulatus (i:4, k:0, b:0)
120. Synodontis punu (i:0, k:0, b:0)
121. Synodontis rebeli (i:1, k:5, b:0)
122. Synodontis resupinatus (i:14, k:5, b:0)
123. Synodontis ricardoae (i:0, k:0, b:0)
124. Synodontis robbianus (i:9, k:11, b:0)
125. Synodontis robertsi (i:12, k:15, b:0)
126. Synodontis ruandae (i:3, k:1, b:0)
127. Synodontis rufigiensis (i:4, k:0, b:0)
128. Synodontis rukwaensis (i:3, k:0, b:0)
129. Synodontis schall (i:23, k:11, b:0)
130. Synodontis schoutedeni (i:19, k:62, b:0)
131. Synodontis serpentis (i:2, k:7, b:0)
132. Synodontis serratus (i:1, k:0, b:0)
133. Synodontis smiti (i:4, k:2, b:0)
134. Synodontis soloni (i:16, k:21, b:0)
135. Synodontis sorex (i:5, k:0, b:0)
136. Synodontis sp. `CROCODILE ISLAND` (i:7, k:1, b:0)
137. Synodontis sp. `JA RIVER` (i:8, k:1, b:0)
138. Synodontis sp. `LOWER GUINEA` (i:4, k:0, b:0)
139. Synodontis sp. `NAKANBE RIVER` (i:4, k:0, b:0)
140. Synodontis sp. `NIGERIA` (i:4, k:0, b:0)
141. Synodontis sp. `POLLI WHITE` (i:13, k:13, b:1)
142. Synodontis sp. hybrid(1) (i:10, k:17, b:0)
143. Synodontis sp. hybrid(2) (i:3, k:1, b:0)
144. Synodontis sp. hybrid(3) (i:11, k:6, b:0)
145. Synodontis sp. hybrid(4) (i:9, k:4, b:0)
146. Synodontis sp. hybrid(5) (i:5, k:24, b:0)
147. Synodontis sp. hybrid(6) (i:4, k:2, b:0)
148. Synodontis sp. hybrid(7) (i:1, k:2, b:0)
149. Synodontis sp. hybrid(8) (i:3, k:3, b:0)
150. Synodontis sp. hybrid(9) (i:7, k:5, b:0)
151. Synodontis sp. (1) (i:3, k:2, b:0)
152. Synodontis sp. (3) (i:1, k:3, b:0)
153. Synodontis sp. (4) (i:0, k:1, b:0)
154. Synodontis sp. (5) (i:2, k:0, b:0)
155. Synodontis sp. (6) (i:1, k:5, b:0)
156. Synodontis sp. (8) (i:1, k:1, b:0)
157. Synodontis sp. (9) (i:1, k:0, b:0)
158. Synodontis steindachneri (i:3, k:0, b:0)
159. Synodontis tanganyicae (i:11, k:5, b:0)
160. Synodontis tessmanni (i:7, k:0, b:0)
161. Synodontis thamalakanensis (i:0, k:0, b:0)
162. Synodontis thysi (i:3, k:0, b:0)
163. Synodontis tourei (i:3, k:0, b:0)
164. Synodontis unicolor (i:3, k:0, b:0)
165. Synodontis vanderwaali (i:8, k:0, b:0)
166. Synodontis velifer (i:5, k:2, b:0)
167. Synodontis vermiculatus (i:3, k:0, b:0)
168. Synodontis victoriae (i:3, k:0, b:0)
169. Synodontis violaceus (i:6, k:0, b:0)
170. Synodontis voltae (i:1, k:0, b:0)
171. Synodontis waterloti (i:26, k:14, b:0)
172. Synodontis woleuensis (i:1, k:0, b:0)
173. Synodontis woosnami (i:4, k:0, b:0)
174. Synodontis xiphias (i:1, k:0, b:0)
175. Synodontis zambezensis (i:11, k:0, b:0)
176. Synodontis zanzibaricus (i:3, k:1, b:0)