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Down arrow Summary of Pimelodus
Pronounced pim ee LOW duss
Etymology (Greek)Pimele=Fat + (Greek)odous=teeth.
Compatibility Peaceful but will eat smaller fishes.
Tankmates Larger active fish such as tetras, most barbs and gouramis. They can also be kept in groups but do not suffer from being kept singly. Angelfish and other ''graceful'' fish are sometimes bothered by this species' barbels particularly during "lights-out".
Breeding Unreported in the aquarium.
Size Smallest 66mm, largest 570mm, average 225mm, most commonly 300mm. All SL.
Species There are 38 "species" in the database
Keepers 7 species (18%) are being kept by registered keepers
New spp. / time
1750 1770 1790 1810 1830 1850 1870 1890 1910 1930 1950 1970 1990 2010 
Down arrow Most Kept Species
1. Pimelodus pictus (68.86%)
2. Pimelodus blochii (13.43%)
3. Pimelodus ornatus (8.57%)
4. Pimelodus albofasciatus (4.57%)
5. Pimelodus maculatus (2.29%)
6. Pimelodus tetramerus (1.14%)
7. Pimelodus albicans (1.14%)
Down arrow Genus Thumbnails
Down arrow Distribution of selected Pimelodus species

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