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Down Summary of Avalithoxus
Pronounced AH vah lith OX uss.
Etymology Avalithoxus is a portmanteau of the Latin word ava, meaning ‘grandmother’, and the genus name Lithoxus. It refers to both the apparently basal position of this lineage and the matronym of the type species, which honoured Jeanne Lujan, the author's mother.
Identification Avalithoxus can be distinguished from other species of Lithoxini by having 12 branched caudal fin rays (vs. 14 or 13), four branched anal-fin rays (vs. 5), five interdorsal plates (vs. 6 to 9), at most low hemispherical papillae around the oral disc margin (vs. digitate papillae), and a maximum of 25 hypertrophied cheek odontodes (mode, 18; range, 16–25) vs. a maximum of 21 (mode, 12; range, 5–21).
Size Smallest 38mm, largest 38mm, average 38mm, most commonly 38mm. All SL.
Species There are 1 "species" in the database
New spp. / time
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