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Etymology Callichthys: From the Greek kallos, meaning beautiful and ichthys, meaning fish; in reference to the colour pattern.
Sexing Males develop a thickened bright orange first ray in the pectoral fin, where females have a thin first ray. Also, mature males have a thick adipose-fat body on the ventral surface of the pectoral fin.
Breeding Bubble nest breeder.
Size Smallest 158mm, largest 165mm, average 161mm, most commonly 165mm. All SL.
Species There are 2 "species" in the database
Keepers 1 species (50%) are being kept by registered keepers
New spp. / time
1750 1770 1790 1810 1830 1850 1870 1890 1910 1930 1950 1970 1990 2010 

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1. Callichthys callichthys (100%)
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