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Pronounced lie oh BAG russ
Etymology From the Greek, leios, meaning smooth, and bagrus, a name usually used for catfishes; in reference to the smooth head.
Breeding Yellowish-orange eggs, enclosed in a sticky membrane, are laid inside a cave and guarded by the male. The fry hatch with a large yolk sac still attached and it is best to raise them in fine mesh net suspended in the water column to prevent infection. Once the yolk sac is absorbed, the large fry are greedy eaters and will take any any food from prepared flakes and powders to newly hatched brine shrimp.
Size Smallest 62mm, largest 150mm, average 98mm, most commonly 100mm. All SL.
Species There are 12 "species" in the database
Keepers 3 species (25%) are being kept by registered keepers
New spp. / time
1750 1770 1790 1810 1830 1850 1870 1890 1910 1930 1950 1970 1990 2010 
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1. Liobagrus mediadiposalis (50%)
2. Liobagrus formosanus (25%)
3. Liobagrus marginatus (25%)
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