My BLogs Right Breeding report for Peckoltia sp. (L387) by seliel

Down Basics
Overview The first spawn was on Thursday 19th of January 2012. The breeding group consisted of 5 males and 4 females. The smallest male was at least 130mm SL and the smallest female was at least 90mm SL. The individuals were obtained from Wild import.
1.Tabletten (dry / prepared) daily
Down Water Parameters (at time of spawning)
Conductivity 200µs to 300µs
Temperature 28.5°C to 29.5°C
Current Medium
Other Water Params -three big water changes every 2nd day till first spawning happened -next spawnings after one big water change 60-80% -usual water change is 30-50% weekly
Down Aquarium
Dimensions The aquarium dimensions were 1200mm x 500mm x 500mm (47.2" x 19.7" x 19.7") all Length x Width x Height.
Filtration -Eheim Pro 2 + HMF-Reaktor + Klotzfilter&Atman202 + Tunze 6045 (4500l/h)
Lighting T5 2x39W
Down Breeding
Eggs There were 42 eggs laid which were 0.0mm in diameter.
Time to hatch 6 days
Number: 0
Free swimming: 0 days
Fry sizes 7 days: 0mm
14 days: 0mm
21 days: 0mm
7 days
21 days
Juvenile sizes 1 month: 0mm
3 months: 0mm
6 months: 0mm
1 month
Fry and juvenile feeding As adults, tablet food, SMBB