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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 silentskream since 2008-06-08; who writes, "One of MANY called "glass catfish" but this is one of the less common varieties. we got ours as a donation, and have been very happy with him!"
2 miles44 (k: 2) since 2008-11-30
3 straitjacketstar (k: 2) since 2008-12-01
4 in_the_seance (k: 2) since 2014-12-22
5 Aqua_Bankie (k: 3) since 2018-08-31; who writes, "In a LFS tank believed to be kryptopterus macrocephalus , spend most of the time at the upper regions of the tank ,easy to get on pellet food."