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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 arapaimag (k: 3) since 1987-11-01
2 arapaima since 2007-03-01
3 Lornek8 since 2007-03-08
4 amazonfishman (k: 2) since 2008-02-28
5 Redtailrob (p: 2, k: 2) since 2009-06-01
6 miles3 since 2010-05-10
7 allim since 2011-05-08
8 Decker504 since 2011-08-31
9 richb since 2011-12-20; who writes, "I acquired two fish at about 6 inches. Once they acclimated to the tank, they started taking silversides (switched over from red shiners). They grew pretty quickly. I am surprised at how asocial they are. The large fish beat on the smaller fish in a 6' long 180 gallon tank until I had to remove the smaller to a recovery tank. The larger fish is about 14" SL and 17 or 18 total length. Intersting fish. The smaller fish found his way to the floor. The larger fish is now (2/2013) approaching 30" total length. He is eating 10" smelt twice a week. OMG - this fish grows fast! Do not buy if you don't have a very large tank ready and waiting. As of 6/13, the fish is eating 1/2 pound climbing perch. About 3' long. The fish is 42" as of February 2014. Sensitive. Will go off food if something changes. I added the 2 L. marmoratus and the planiceps hasn't eaten yet. It's been almost a month. I'm not worried yet. September 19, 2014. The fish is a bit over 4' long. So, 6" to 4' plus in less than 3 years. Fantastically cool fish. On being moved to the tub, the fish got tangled in the seine and had to be cut out. It got pretty torn up. However, no visible fungus anywhere. It took about two months for the fish to resume feeding."
10 Pcpolo111 since 2012-10-23
11 Igor Hotasi Simamora since 2014-02-05
12 TheBobbyVee since 2014-06-04
13 TheFishGuy since 2015-09-10
14 angerygrover since 2018-04-16
15 Rpul since 2019-02-03