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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Bas Pels (k: 9) since 2006-05-25; who writes, "one of the females is shown in pic 3"
2 Walter since 2006-08-20
3 synosteve (k: 2) since 2008-05-05
4 Junttis since 2010-11-14
5 mifune since 2012-08-09
6 festaedan since 2014-03-14
7 genghiskhanll since 2014-05-21
8 Peixes (k: 2) since 2017-12-12
9 Aqua_Bankie since 2017-12-20
10 FerocactusLatispinus since 2018-05-09; who writes, "Pierre. Noticed this lone individual at the store for several months now, and finally decided to pick him up; I was shocked he hadn't been taken yet! Had been mixed in with numerous separate shipments of Pimelodus blochii over the months: was VERY healthy & hardy. By 5/18, he had begun to tear at my 6 C. aeneus' fins, leading to 1 death; was only aggressive to the corys, not even to my 2 slow-moving Bunocephalus sp.! A friend now has Pierre in her care. Do not house single members of this species with Corydoras sp.!"