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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 I_Xeno (k: 5) since 2007-08-16
2 Richard B (k: 3) since 2007-08-31; who writes, "I just noticed that one female has a slightly deformed mouth :("
3 michele since 2009-04-22
4 drpleco since 2009-12-14
5 Slavi (k: 9) since 2013-11-01
6 Psychedelicbabe since 2016-10-07
7 ajw9356 (k: 10) since 2016-11-14; who writes, "Nothing fancy, a few river rock and pieces of slate for them to hide in. They’re constantly coming out looking for food but love to be able to hide easily."
8 r7man (k: 14) since 2016-12-14
9 bekateen (k: 6) since 2017-04-10; who writes, "After one month, lost 4 for no apparent reason - maybe because I fed them freeze-dried grubs and they overfed then expanded?"
10 ianmarg since 2018-12-06