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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Coryologist (k: 5) since 2007-03-20
2 smegforbrains since 2008-11-26
3 ayrtoninst (k: 15) since 2009-11-07
4 mike h since 2011-03-19
5 This Old Spouse since 2011-07-30
6 archaquatics since 2012-03-21
7 kjeanb since 2013-03-30
8 Baked Wafl3 since 2013-06-11
9 Nabobmob1 (k: 5) since 2014-02-20
10 rmc since 2014-08-17
11 Mexnotex since 2017-10-28
12 pointpleco (p: 2, k: 4) since 2018-07-18; who writes, "Just got them today, seem to be a fun fish. Look very nice with the high fin. I have them in my Albino Longfin bristlenose breeding tank to help clean the bottom and its a bare bottom tank so that will help them to not scratch their noses. Looking forward to see them get bigger.", "Good fish and grew so quick. Now it has a very hi top fin it looks so much better then when i bought it. Happily swims around in the filter currents and airstones bubbles."
13 Pedraz since 2019-01-30
14 wolfytwigg since 2019-02-04