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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 knifegill since 2011-03-19
2 arapaimag (k: 3) since 2011-06-18
3 Industrial since 2011-06-22
4 bazzho since 2013-04-16
5 Altifrons since 2017-03-17
6 yellowcat (k: 2) since 2017-05-24; who writes, "After 1 year very slow growth, maybe 1" each. Reclusive, completely inactive during daytime, more inactive overall than expected"
7 jimoo (k: 2) since 2017-05-26; who writes, "My second recently passed, sadly. Only two years. They both seemed sensitive to water changes. One was "sickly" from day one, with multiple bouts of ich and/or fungal infections. The other appeared strong and growing, until one day a major wound on its lower jaw appeared (almost a 1cm chunk gone, but there were no other fish that could have done this in the tank... perhaps it was against a piece of wood?) and the decline was quick as it stopped eating. Wonderful species to have though. Sad day."
8 Iamfish since 2019-02-27