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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 arapaimag since 1996-07-22
2 arapaima since 2007-03-01
3 Freakdaddy since 2007-07-29
4 RickieH since 2007-11-02
5 headbanger_jib since 2010-08-16
6 Seagirt since 2011-02-03; who writes, "This guy eats like a pig. Don't leave any large rosey barbs hanging around. They will disappear rather quickly. Other than that, he's a fine cat that gets along well with others his size as long as he has a place to escape to from time to time."
7 Redtailrob (k: 3) since 2012-03-15; who writes, "Aggressive & Territorial. Needs a huge swimming space & fish larger & capable of looking after themselves. Cannot be kept with other Sperator once over 150mm"
8 CichlidMatt since 2012-05-21
9 NI7S2S0AN (k: 4) since 2017-08-21
10 Fishmandavew since 2018-03-19