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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 SonoAngel since 2008-01-16; who writes, "My favourite, messiest ever fish. Loved him to bits. Most of the times I put my hand into water and moved the bogwood, he allowed to me taken into hand. And if carrot or cuccumber held, she would sit on my hand and scrubb the food for ages. Sadly one day noticed, it came out and started shaking. It looked like it's getting nerves paralized, spreadding it's fins wide. And than it frozed like that, very stiff. No other sighn of any infection or disease. Cried like child. If anyone recogize this symptoms pls let me know. Can't afford to buy one no as these species go around £1000."
2 Caracal since 2009-07-05
3 oneoddfish since 2012-04-20
4 Milo since 2013-03-18; who writes, "1 male approx 35cm. (Need a female.... :-D )"
5 Mountain (k: 3) since 2014-07-18
6 Aqua-Amazon (k: 10) since 2017-10-16
7 Clump Fubbler since 2018-05-17
8 Rpul since 2019-02-03
9 Lapon since 2019-06-22