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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 liamrobin1 (p: 3, k: 2) since 2002-11-04; who writes, "They grow quite big 8 and a half inches approx. i have two the other is slightly smaller. they eat all sorts of food brine shrimp pellet,live food /bloodworm etc.. cucumber, courgettes, green peppers. they hide most of the day but come out at night, they also need a bit pot or vase to relax in.they dont eat small tank mates mine are kept with tetras,flagtailed procholodis,angels,loaches,and a few plecs of different species. a truly stunning fish."
2 caudalis since 2007-03-06
3 CatBrat since 2007-03-31
4 synodont_fan since 2007-04-20
5 Freakdaddy since 2007-05-16
6 Kampfer since 2008-08-05
7 nvcichlids (k: 6) since 2008-11-11
8 scotty105 since 2009-04-02
9 griffl since 2009-04-11; who writes, "In tank with Syno Nigrita. Both are territorial and hang around driftwood log."
10 miguel mitchel since 2009-12-23
11 pickles4601 since 2010-01-03
12 fuzzytigerbird since 2010-03-09
13 diane since 2010-04-04
14 roadkingray since 2010-06-23
15 GreenSynoMan since 2011-02-10; who writes, "It turns out this fish had some issue with its gills. Also, it was probably actually not S. aterrima"
16 Landlubber since 2011-05-07