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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 arapaima since 2007-03-01
2 Moontanman since 2007-04-24; who writes, "This catfish is one of my favorites, they are as smart as any cichlid and will recognize their keeper. They are not really suitable as anything but a specimen "pet" and cannot be kept with any other fish. Since they are sedentary and seldo"
3 bapachu since 2009-01-26
4 EVK5 since 2009-11-10
5 miles3 since 2010-05-10
6 human001 since 2010-06-22
7 tbinchrist (p: 2) since 2011-09-27; who writes, "A cool fish, very tame. Getting to be a real beggar for food, has eaten out of my hand. Has an enormous appetite."
8 Pcpolo111 since 2012-10-23
9 AvengedKombat since 2012-10-25
10 farmergijoe since 2014-04-12
11 Chicxulub since 2014-10-01
12 sccatfisher since 2016-08-08
13 N.A.keeper21 since 2017-09-11