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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Silurus since 2007-03-27
2 kubastanik since 2008-06-29
3 The.Dark.One since 2009-03-19
4 hankinswood since 2011-02-08
5 wrasse since 2012-01-14; who writes, "Sandy base... it likes to bury into the sand with just its head showing. I feed a shrimp paste on the end of a skewer to ensure it gets a meal. In a species tank it wouldn't be necessary."
6 amiidae since 2012-03-30
7 dmcat since 2015-07-09
8 catfishchaos since 2015-11-14; who writes, "Thought they were dead when they first arrived! I've never seen a fish lie so motionless irregardless of if they are upside down or in strange positions however eventually they will right them selfs. 2017-Lost my male who never quite learn’t to bury hinself, COD unkown."
9 DHarris since 2015-12-03
10 DavidNMaddieHaveCats since 2015-12-18
11 adelinoarrais since 2016-11-20
12 angerygrover since 2018-04-16