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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Deb (k: 4) since 2006-03-06; who writes, "Will fight with C. formosae."
2 nvcichlids (k: 2) since 2011-12-12
3 Mata Negra since 2011-12-16
4 FerocactusLatispinus since 2012-07-05; who writes, "R.I.P. Goodyear. Died exclusively within 30 minutes. Maybe it was due to some kind of original heart defect that may have led to more complications later on. He may have died from a stroke or seizure. He was gasping and twitching violently, with calm breaks in between, for 30 min."
5 jwhite since 2012-08-14
6 wet-handed (k: 2) since 2012-09-09
7 Colin Keightley since 2012-10-07
8 N0body Of The Goat since 2014-05-05
9 LostYeti (k: 2) since 2014-11-21
10 bekateen (p: 3, k: 17) since 2016-05-12; who writes, "Found total of 13 in PetSMART stores as by-catch with groups of C. formosae. While in QT, one died within 24 hours of purchase; one had seizures after 6 days and died; a third developed fungal infection on head on day 7 and died. None are willing to eat much yet. Remainder died of ich or starvation within ~2 weeks.", "I love these fish. Having another go, hopefully better success. Doing much better - 4 fish in a 10 gal tank with dried oak leaves, sponge filter and airstone, no lid, evaporative cooling to 74F."
11 sapphire since 2017-01-14
12 heroin_nee since 2019-02-22
13 jodilynn (p: 2) since 2019-03-28