No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 Yan since 2007-04-04
2 Barracuda518 (k: 8) since 2007-04-26
3 Daragh (k: 14) since 2007-06-08
4 Redcatman (k: 2) since 2007-06-11
5 jollysue (k: 10) since 2007-10-15
6 anitabritt (k: 6) since 2008-02-10; who writes, "6 wc adults.Bought as "Olga" "
7 gem400 since 2008-04-20
8 Birger Amundsen since 2008-09-07
9 Kampfer since 2009-02-14
10 dougkn (k: 3) since 2009-03-25
11 MattP since 2010-12-24; who writes, "Being sold as Metae in pets at home so grabbed them asap!.One looks abit weak so fingers crossed.Would like more if any one has seen them recently....UPDATE..lost the weaker of the two so a bit gutted!Still looking for more."
12 Mark Roesner since 2011-05-29
13 Biulu since 2012-01-06
14 Vess since 2012-06-09
15 Lee Meadows since 2013-08-20
16 jodilynn (k: 2) since 2015-01-22; who writes, "Large, beautiful corys, bought 3 today, seem to be swimming around well! Wild caught. Update: One died the next day sadly, so went back and bought the remaining two for a quartet. One seems more aggressive than the other three and chases the others quite a bit. Update: Sadly down to just two individuals. They seemed to have a hard time adjusting to my water (hard and high ph). I have a bag of oak leaves in the tank and have been mixing purified and de-chlorinated city water with my well water. The two corys left seem to be doing well though, eating and busying themselves about the tank."
17 sushi1980 since 2015-04-07
18 Narwhal72 since 2016-02-08
19 scandicman (k: 4) since 2016-09-04
20 Mol_PMB since 2017-04-01; who writes, "These are the variety with the dark blotch."
21 KillieOrCory since 2017-05-21
22 KeXx (k: 7) since 2017-06-26
23 Junglejason since 2017-11-05