No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 worton[pl] (k: 6) since 2005-08-01; who writes, "Peacful and shy at beginning however after adjustment they will feed even during daytime when keep in bigger group. Should not be kept with aggressive feeders since they do not compete very good for food."
2 Richard B since 2008-07-16
3 BrownBullhead (k: 46) since 2008-10-29
4 Lophio (k: 3) since 2008-11-08; who writes, "In the beginning very shy. Stay together and only leave there hideout when light is off. Later I hope they will get used to the tank and show themselves more. "
5 Barbie since 2008-12-05
6 Birger (k: 7) since 2009-04-28
7 I_Xeno (k: 6) since 2009-07-25
8 SHEAG35 (k: 2) since 2010-01-29
9 SHEAG since 2011-04-20
10 CatWhat (k: 28) since 2011-09-03; who writes, "One of the more interesting catfish I have kept. Easy to feed, I'm feeding mine mostly earth worms and mysis shrimp. But will take pretty much anything. Fun to watch digging their burrows and lip locking over territory conflicts."
11 Gordon C. Snelling since 2013-03-02
12 CichliDon (k: 14) since 2014-10-26; who writes, "Spawned in December 2014. 3 broods. sold the breeders. Growing out the fry. Fun to work with."
13 Yann (k: 3) since 2015-02-14
14 ThePineCat since 2018-08-29
15 mikey since 2019-06-22