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No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 PhiltheNelson since 2008-08-13
2 skullymaster (k: 2) since 2008-12-11
3 fuzzytigerbird since 2010-03-09
4 pollie (k: 4) since 2010-10-05
5 Manon des sources since 2011-12-08
6 nessaja since 2012-03-24
7 FrankvdB since 2012-05-08
8 Vierrollenfreak (p: 2) since 2014-05-12
9 dpfs (k: 2) since 2016-08-20; who writes, "Single pair being kept in 160L tank on a 2000L system. Tank turn over 800 lph. caves are 20cm long placed amongst slate which is scaped covering base of tank with a single but large piece of root tank base is lightly covered in sand. The male has chosen to cave on the sandy bottom, female is never far away although does not hang on cave. Water temp 29 Food : my own pellet mix daily and prawns once per week. Parameters : PH 6.5 GH 0 KH 4 Fish House lighting is only on when I'm present the rest of the time there is a low watt red bulb on 24/7."
10 Loc since 2018-03-08
11 MarcW (k: 4) since 2018-03-25
12 heroin_nee since 2019-04-30
13 Flyflash1 since 2019-12-22