No. All keepers listed by when they started keeping this species
1 richb (k: 2) since 2000-03-20; who writes, "This pair lived pretty happily in the tub until just a few months ago. One of the pair started appearing a bit tattered. I pulled it and it is recovering in a 55 gallon tank. I would like to add them to the 900 gallon sometime and see if they would spwan. Very cool, but shy. The fish I removed from the tub is now in the 900 awaiting its partner.2-2-2018: I moved the pair to the 1,000 gallon tank. They have been in this tank for proably a year now and are getting along okay. Fat and sassy."
2 Julie (k: 10) since 2002-05-21; who writes, "Appears to be two color types. One is more of a tan/light grey body and the other is a darker gray almost black body with a darker gray belly. Fish are distributed in 3 different 75 gallon tanks."
3 lasteeves since 2006-05-26
4 Richard B (k: 3) since 2006-09-06; who writes, "Two small individuals which are tank bred from the spawnings reported in the threads in PC. Clearly one of the individuals is superior to the other & bosses the other at times. At 6 May 07 they are both around 47mm TL & still show the small dark spots "
5 synoguy since 2007-02-19
6 caudalis (p: 2, k: 2) since 2007-03-06
7 synodont_fan since 2007-04-20
8 derrickrscott since 2008-05-30
9 unblinded (k: 4) since 2008-09-30; who writes, "Got the 1st in October of 2008. Got 2-4 on 9/17/12."
10 toby since 2008-12-04
11 michele since 2009-04-22
12 Majolica since 2009-09-03
13 dasfocus198720 since 2009-09-30
14 zigster since 2010-05-25
15 Miss Dib Dabs since 2010-07-19
16 arapaimag since 2010-12-03
17 SHEAG since 2011-04-20
18 maynard1982 (k: 2) since 2011-07-09
19 nerdoutlaw (k: 2) since 2011-08-29
20 james gilbertson since 2011-08-31; who writes, "Again a very shy fish, so stunning but only comes out when i turn off the lights for the night, bought from a garden centre as a common syno, result :)"
21 amiidae since 2012-02-09
22 zipper since 2012-02-19
23 taylor1410 since 2012-03-31
24 shooter50014 since 2012-04-25
25 Ostafrika-Barsche since 2012-06-03
26 NeilB since 2015-04-18
27 Long Barbels (k: 2) since 2015-09-03; who writes, "Have had for ~ a month. 3" specimen. One of the most active & least shy Synodontis in my collection and a voracious eater. Probably could hand feed. For a deep water Synodontis it surprised me to see him eating flakes upside down off surface."
28 BiggNick916 since 2016-01-02
29 Slavi (k: 7) since 2016-06-04; who writes, "Kept 7 of these beauties together for several years. Although a bit stronger and more agressive than other Syno's, mine did very good in this group. They all had their own hiding place and sufficient space. At first I kept S. sp. PWZ with them as well. Later on the PWZ were switched for S. tanganicae(/irsacae?). After proving to the other Syno's that they were in charge, the S granulosus did not even look at them anymore."
30 r7man (k: 2) since 2017-01-03
31 biggnick916 since 2017-09-20
32 Hsapsed (k: 2) since 2018-04-14
33 Iamfish since 2019-01-18
34 Nejat22 since 2019-05-02
35 ianmarg since 2020-02-20
36 jcover since 2020-06-13